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Country houses, cottages, houses, villas, farmhouses, modules, sheds, log cabins

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Uppdated 5 August 2012

Move to the country side
Stay out of debt if possible. Sell your apartment in the big city. Sell your big expensive villa while you can get something for it. Prepare for the comming economic chaos, man made "virus" pandemics etc. Buy a small house with your own water. A dry toilet, composting toilet is a good and cheaper solution compared to a regular water toilet system. The modern ones looks almost like a real toilet and does not smell. Such a system opens possibilities to settle down anywhere and saves much work and money.

Passive houses
A house with extremely low energy costs, eco friendly

3 glass windows, energy-glass keeps the warmth inside your house

Isolating walls

homepages about building houses

heat pumps/air/ventilation/fans

Cheap small-house manufacturers, ready made houses, modules, cabin/container modules, cottages and small villas

Finished houses, cottages and villas, design plans, redevelopment

finished log home

gazebos, greenhouses, conservatories, outbuildings, sauna, hot tubs, sheds, guest houses

patios, porches, lighting, garages, carports, fences, walls, playgrounds, jetties

construction companies, painters, carpenters

flooring, panel boards, moldings,

kitchens, bathrooms

stoves, fireplaces, heat pumps

large web pages, home improvement stores

water, water purification, filter

solar thermal, solar, photovoltaic, solar thermal

compost toilets, eco-toilet, outhouse toilet

Rules of trailers, barracks, modules, containers, scaffolding

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Home Culture
Beautiful excursions in Jämtland. Experience the tranquility, nature, forest, countryside and landscape
Make your own hammock and patio
Build your own furniture
Beautiful architecture and interiors, house boats, tree houses etc.
Just for fun, humor, hanging beds, pictures of cakes, ice cream, pastry etc
Feel good, raw food, fruit juices, scented candles, skin care, welbeeing
Hunting and fishing stores, dealers, clubs and associations, authorities
Building restoration -traditional techniques and materials
Buildings, cottages, farmhouses, villas, housing, houses, sheds, log cabins
Outdoor activities, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, forest adventure, live in the countryside
Interior, design
Human rights, freedom of thought
Confectionery, pastry, ice cream
Food & Drink
Public transport, car sharing
Vacation, travel
Horses and riding