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Text: Carl Grinde Date: June 17 2017
Updated December 4 2017 my search tool for music

Deelay Harmonics - The music projects of Carl Grinde

Deelay Harmonics is my artist/band name for my music.
I now sell my music by the distributor who distributes to 150 digital outlets. My music is availible at several online music stream/ download services such as Itunes, Spotify, Deezer,, Google play, Groove, Napster, Iheart radio etc.
I now have 3 albums ready and one EP. I started producing electronic music at EMS studios in Stockholm around in 1995. Several musicians have contributed to the album Zion which consists of my earliest tracks. There are also some tracks that I chose to not put out. I have also released music on vinyl EP.
Since I now live my life 100% for Jesus Christ I have changed several of the the previous song titles for my music. I want to communicate the holyness and Joy of Jesus Christ, the son of God almighty - our savior and Messiah.
Here are some links to my music. since the release is so new, it might take a few days until you can actually find it all out there on the channels.
Spread the word folks. Enjoy! harmonics
You can buy a physical CD disc also on

Album: Blind me again Artist: Deelay Harmonics - Carl Grinde

The title of the album "Blind me again" is about my spritual meeting with Jesus. It happened in a dream, but after the dream I was awake. It was an indescribable experience. Vibrant thunder, powerful, radient, ecstasy, peaceful, and the best I have ever experienced.
Praise him, seek him, trust him. God is real.

Album: Up beams Artist: Deelay Harmonics

I made this album during my traveling in 2008. It was produced mostly at Rama Candidasa hotel on Bali. The album is a warm blend of techno and electro and was first released for free on the same year. I already then used the name "Deelay harmonics" for my music project and the software used is Reason with some extra sample CD's, I worked on a Mac.

Album: Zion Artist: Deelay Harmonics
Featured artists: Katri Immonen, Billy Love on the track The sun looks brighter
MC Slim on the track Hands in the air.
This album was produced at the EMS studio at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm between 1997 to 2007 sort of. Protools was the sequencer I used plus Hyperprism, Spark, Meta synth.
This album and most of the tracks had other names earlier.

EP: The sun looks brighter: Artist Deelay Harmonics feat Katri Immonen and Billy Love
This track is included on the Album Zion and was produced at EMS Studios in Stockholm.
Remixes by Kwame Boaten, Pete Phunk and Deelay Harmonics - Carl Grinde

Media monopoly and the control of the Illuminati
A friend of mine that is a web developer said "there is no platform that is independent."
The whole internet is controlled by the Illuminati, global corporations like Google and Timewarner, Universal, Vivendi, families like Rothschild, Lazards, Reuters, Oppenheimer, Bronfman etc. They own everything and they cooperate. They conspire. Since I tell the world what they do and since I warn of the evil microchip implant system, they also plot against me, they fight against me. My music has now, on spotify 2 listeners and 0 followers. I don't trust these figures. It's not the truth. It's obvious that it's a rigged system. So easy for them to manipulate numbers, to shut someone down, block users who not follow their agenda etc. The systems are all integrated. Official statistics on Youtube, Facebook, Spotify etc can't be trusted. It's not always true.
Of course I want to succeed with my music. But I'm glad that I don't have a big commercial sucess with my music. A sucessfull music career would propably be the worst thing for my relation with God. It would, most likely destroy it. Thanks to Jesus Christ who denies me worldly success. Thank God for His blessing! Besides, I have enough money so I manage and also a fine apartment. I get several dreams about the rapture and sooner or later I will be home in heaven with God the Father, Jesus Christ his Son and all the holy saints and my family.
This is priceless! We will soon be home. Thank God!

Copyright Carl Grinde Hafwerö Art Design

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