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Cure depression with proper nutrition and new ways of thinking

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated 22 Juli 2012

This page mostly focuses on how diet can make us feel better. If you have experienced something bad or feel really unhappy, sad or depressed, call helplines, seek a church and ask to speak with a priest, call a psychiatric reception and book time for conversation with a therapist or psychologist. The organisation Bris is also available for you who are a child.

Few of these guides will encourage you to keep a diet as a way to feel better and proper nutrition might not help you right now if something really terrible has happened to you.
Then it may be best to talk to someone who listens and cares.
But as I said in general, so many would be able to feel improvement with changes in diet, less sugar, etc.

Anxiety, depression, anxiety, burnout? How can Dianetics help you?
The self-improvement book written by John L. Hubbard seems to be a good way to figure out why someone is depressed and feel bad. It is also available on DVD at 4.5 hours.

Sugar, the energy thief
I firmly believe that diet affects our mood and I have formerly been both depressed, had low self-esteem and was sugar-dependent. Mental health depends not only on what you eat, other things come into play. But it's actually quite nice to see that I generally feel better now when I have cut down on sugar and junk food, eat healthier, avoid soft drinks. You can do something to feel better and I think the amount of sugar that we both eat and drink every day causes the body to end up in an imbalance which causes stress emotions, irritability, depression, etc..

* Keep in mind that too much white bread, crumpets, whole wheat bread, pizza, pancake, French toast, biscuits, pasta, etc. are high in carbohydrates that the body converts to sugar when you eat it. Even if it is made of corn flour.
* Remember that sugar is also found in ordinary orange juice even if so freshly squeezed and soothing, apple juice, lemonade, tropical fruit juices, yoghurts, drinking yoghurts, mini-drinks and soft drinks.
* Take everything at a pace you can cope with. Sugar addiction is about habits and the intake of sugar creates cravings for more. If you've taken yourself out of a sugar addiction and started eating healthier it also reduces your need to constantly eat sweets! Your body and your soul are in balance.
* Light Products and diet products that do not contain real sugar often contains aspartame that is a neurotoxin and causes cancer, headaches and more. Avoid aspartame, Stevia is a much better sweetener but unfortunately, it tastes a little licorice as well, but it is very sweet.
* Make your own healthy chocolate home of fresh dates. Take the same amount of dates (fresch), cocoa powder and softened butter (not margarine but BUTTER butter) Remove seeds from the dates. If the dates are hard put them in hot water for a minute to soften them. Mash them with a fork, cut them possibly something with a knife first so they get into smaller pieces. Mix in the butter and mash some more. Mix in the cocoa and mix more. Add a bit plastic foil in a square low tin, type an empty plastic tin. Spread the chocolate and allow to cool in the fridge for an hour. Remove and turn out the chocolate upside down or grab the plastic and lift it out. Cut it into bite-sized lengths. Eat with a clear conscience and enjoy! Dates retains all its nutrients (and they're packed with nutrients) if the butter is not too hot when you mix it down. Soaking water should not be hotter than 50 degrees celcius. Heat the butter until it floats, but then allow it to cool a little, then mix it with the rest.
If you have a mixer/small blender, that is the best. If you use a hand blender the butter should be very liquid and you have to encounter with the mixer for dates to be mixed. Serve the chocolate immediately with whipped cream, banana and some walnuts and there you got a delight for happiness :)

A little organic vanilla, vanilla syrup, rum syrup or arrack syrup can be used to vary the flavor a bit.
Dates also creates an alkaline reaction in the body which makes the body healthy and feel good. Granulated sugar however creates an acidic reaction in the body which, if it occurs frequently and is combined with other acid-raising food it makes you sick, causing enlargement of candida and more.

Super Foods, eat more of this (from the health start page)
Healty things are: Avocado, lemon, garlic, spinach, broccoli, carrots, chickpeas, swedish turnip, onion, beets, asparagus, turnip, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, oats, brown rice with the husk on, peas, pepper, turmeric, thyme, rye bread, cranberry juice, blueberries, rose hips, nettle, dates, orange, apple, grapefruit, coconut oil, walnuts, roasted peanuts, figs, lentils, beans, turkey, meat and fish, mackerel, caviar, eggs, milk.
You could buy a steam boil set to the saucepan for about 6 dollars and steam your vegetables. Serve it with garlic butter, black pepper, salt and lemon. Grow vegetables yourself so that you avoid any spraying poisons and chemicals as well as you save your money. It is of course also very good for the environment with less transportation.

Dates, rose hips, nettles are very good to eat, they are packed with nutrients that the body needs.

Tiredness, sugar addiction and Candida overgrowth
If you eat much sugar, sweets, sodas, chips, cheese doodles, ice cream, cakes, white pasta, stuffed buns, white form French, muffins, pizza and fast food etc, you should change your diet and thus be healthier, happier and have a better quality of life and coping. Learn about the hidden disorder candida as many sugar dependent tired of people suffer from.
Learn more about Candida

Photo Carl Grinde pictures from Fårö and Gotland

Serotonin has a calming, relaxing effect
The natural levels of serotonin has a calming, relaxing effect and improves sleep. A lack of serotonin makes you feel uncomfortable and makes you lose control easily. Nerve cells can themselves form serotonin by converting the amino acid tryptophan, which is administered via food. Tryptophan is included in meat, milk, eggs, bananas, cereal, tomatoes and walnuts. = 3 & art = 273

What does doctors say about your diet? I do not know. I never see a doctor.
I wanted a life completely free from disease and suffering, he says. Breakfast, lunch and dinner consist exclusively of fruit and berries. Avocados and oranges are among the favorites and he was very pleased to make a smoothie of banana, some dates, blueberries and freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit.

Avoid aspartame and glutamate and you feel better and have less headaches
Avoid the sweetener aspartame that is found in sugar-free light products like chewing gum (Extra, Stimorol) canderel, sukketer, soft drinks (coca cola light, fanta free), lozenges (Vicks, lackerol) mm. Aspartame gives headache and in the long run, it causes cancer. Avoid including glutamate flavor enhancer known as monosodium glutamate, MSG or E621 in your food. There are found in Knorr bouillon cubes, Aromat, Estrellas dip, OLWS dill chips, sausage, ham, etc.. Glutamate is found naturally in the brain as a neurotransmitter. If one adds more glutamate then the levels in the brain becomes to high and the neurons are over stimulated and dies. You can get Alhzeimers disease, Parkinson's, cancer, ADHD, etc.. because of eating aspartame. They are now renaming aspartame and marketing it under new names because the patent for aspartame has expired, keep your eyes open for this! One name is Amino Sweet. Anyway the chemical code for aspartame is E951. Learn more about aspartame and glutamate

Lack of magnesium makes the irritation threshold lower and it is easier to worry about things.
Craving for chocolate is common in magnesium deficiency. During periods of high stress one person can lose half of the bodys magnesium. When we drink a Coca Cola, we lose about 150 milligrams of magnesium. Good magnesium sources are pumpkin seeds (dried), cocoa powder, wheat bran, Brazil nuts, figs, dates, whole grain products, Brussels sprouts, beans and peas.
Sources: The self-healing man, Susanna Ehdin. Healthier lives with the right diet + vitamins and minerals, Peter Wilhelmsson.

Good sources of magnesium are pumpkin seeds (dried), cocoa powder, wheat bran, Brazil nuts, figs, dates, whole grain products, Brussels sprouts, beans and peas.
Wheat bran, sweet almonds, millet, cashew nuts, soybeans, nuts, buckwheat, whole wheat, rye, rice, seafood, spinach, goat cheese and bananas.

Vitamin B1 - Thiamin
Function: This vitamin is important in combustion and carbohydrate turnover. Enhances blood circulation and the formation of stomach acid. Necessary for the brain, heart and muscle, normal brain and nerve function and improves learning and comprehension. B1 also regulates the stomach's hydrochloric acid production, and promotes intestinal peristalsis, and has influence on the liver and pancreas. Seems weak diuretic. Used to treat sickness if you feel bad when traveloing by boat, car, aeroplane, if you have nausea, dizziness and "hangover".
Natural sources: brewer's yeast, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, soybeans, Brazil nuts, rice, wheat bran, oatmeal, beef, liver, kidney.
Coffee Drink Ning, smoking, metal poisoning (amalgam) and stress can also exacerbate Vitamin B1 deficiency.

Depression and lack of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, folic acid, B-12
Depression may be associated with lack of several vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, folic acid, B12, C and D.
Magnesium has long stated to be good for anxiety
Several studies have shown that low intake of selenium increases risk of depression,

Low intake of selenium increases risk of depression. Natural selenium sources are:
Natural selenium sources: Liver, kidney, fish, shellfish, (Karl Johan), mushrooms, nuts and certain cereals. ~ u15010861/selen.htm

Selenium makes you happy
Natural sources of selenium are mainly fish, shrimp, shellfish and eggs, but even birds. Where soils are selenium-rich are wheat and other cereals are good sources of selenium.
In Sweden, the content of selenium in plant foods, relatively low. Imported lentils, chickpeas and some nuts are some exceptions. . asp? td = 20100206 & tem = 3 & und = 9 & type = 520

Selenium are abundant in many foods from the sea
Selenium are abundant in many foods from the sea. One example is the seaweed kelp. Kelp is a food that is rich in many minerals and trace elements.

The mineral selenium resulted in less depression and anxiety disorders
Nuts, lentils, chickpeas and wheat, rye, barley, nuts and vegetables contain much selenium

Examples of foods rich in selenium
Mackerel (highest content of selenium in the list)
Brazil nuts (second highest content of selenium)
below contains a bit less rich selenium
Chickpeas, dried
Milk, all varieties
Cottage cheese
Lentils, dried # selen_tab1

Selenium sources chickpeas (Google) B2 treatment of depression good sources

Lemon balm and St. John's wort for depression
Lemon balm and lavender can possibly alleviate some dementia.

Cure depression with alternative methods and natural remedies

Cure depression with alternative methods and natural remedies
St. John's wort counteracts depression. Various preparations containing St John's wort is. But you have to buy capsules? You can you not buy only the herb somewhere?

Food that makes you feel better is
Banana, avocado, plum, cashew, walnut and Pecan, figs, dark chocolate

Straits self-image increases your fluid intelligence

To activate the brain protects and compensates for the shorter training

Plants made older people happy

Magnesium increases the learning ability and gives better memory

Help Forum and sound ideas

Eating oatmeal reduces the effects of stress, depression and nervous disorders
Depression/depressed mood: Eating oatmeal on a regular or daily basis helps to reduce the effects of stress, depression and nervous disorders. Aromatherapy Massage with grapefruit oil is invigorating and uplifting and can help with depression. Tea in cloves can be used to treat depression - 2 1 / 2 dl a day can be uplifting for those who suffer from depression.

study suggests that blueberry improves memory
Blueberry juice may improve memory in elderly as results from a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Sugar beets contain naturally high levels of uridine, which is good for depression

uridine present in molasses, the residue of refined sugar and whole wheat rafinnerad can cure and prevent depression
by Mike Adams
A new study published 15 February 2005 in Biological Psychiatry shows that certain foods are better in the treatment of depression than antidepressants. The study found that omega-3 fatty acids and food rich in a substance called uridine reduced depressive symptoms as well as or better than three different antidepressant drugs that were tested. This type of research demonstrating the scientific evidence for food healing effects and the relative futility of drugs. Based on this study, it seems ridiculous that someone would continue to use antidepressants to treat depression when there are healing foods that do a better job.
When sugar beets or whole wheat is refined to produce white sugar and white flour, to remove as much as 98% of industry from this natural food and leaving a concentrate which is human consumption. The residual product, molasses, consists of a thick brown syrup. Molasses contains most of ursprungsfödans nutrition as vitamins, minerals and uridine.

Organic molasses combined with omega-3 good for depression
A good alternative to sugar. Molasses is obtained when sugar beets are refined. When the sugar beets have been refined into white sugar molasses is what remains. This allows the business that originally found in sugar cane is collected in the molasses. Molasses has a reddish brown viscous texture. Molasses contains, inter alia, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and copper. Molasses also contains a compound called uridine as the research proved effective against depression in combination with omega-3 fats. = 10,703 & art = 2227925

blueberries keeps you a young man
They slows down cell aging, prevents cancer and lowers cholesterol while providing better vision and memory.

blackcurrants good for the brain
Black currants Contains many different kinds of antioxidants that protect and strengthens the skin. The high content of vitamin C and vitamin E, clear away free radicals. The high concentration of pectin is good for the stomach. GLA-acid heals inflammation of eczema and psoriasis and phenols do that brain cells are not broken down too quickly.

antioxidants in blueberries
In blueberries, there are also plenty of antioxidant routine previously called P-vitamin. Routine helps keep capillary walls strong and healthy, which prevents bleeding and broken capillaries. Has plenty of routine in the body reduces the risk of bruising.

list of different herbal teas

How industry affects our mental health by Peter Anstrin
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