The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
and a little child will lead them.
Isaiah 11-6

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The rapture gate is being shut! Seek God's face, pray and repent of your sins!

Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior! He is coming to get his chidren to heaven. Be ready for departure. Take off will happen at any time.
Remember, people laughed at Noah when he built his ark.

Text and photo: Carl Grinde Date: May 12 2020
Text also shared from linked pages
Updated May 15 2020

Time is out, God will bring his people to heaven
I get this message from the Lord so strong. This will happen now! Now! People will be transferred into heaven. Believe in Jesus Christ, that he is the son of God.
Repent of your sins. Ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness of your sins and recieve his forgiveness and eternal salvation. The world is ready to accept rfid microchip implants, for security reasons. RFID implants is the mark of the beast that the Bible warns about in the book of revelation.
The beast described in the Bible symbolizes a worldwide evil oppressive kingdom. It's here now.
Everyone who receives the mark of the beast (used to buy or sell) in the right hand or forehead will be sentenced to eternal punishment in hell
Very many Christians warn that RFID microchip implants are the mark of the beast. Also, I consider it is the mark of the beast because it is received in the right hand and can be used to make transactions, ie buy or sell .. and control, control people's lives. Do not receive the rfid microchip implant! It's 666. You come to hell if you receive it.

Dream About The End Days: Revelation 8:13

My "Rapture Dream"! Vanishing Of The People!! Repent

Rapture dream 2020 tribulation (Jesus is coming)

Rapture dream: Many Christians left behind


LAST WARNING! Message from GOD!

Jesus Will Come Again
I and many others believe that God will bring God's people to heaven first. Then 7 terrible years will come of God's judgments and wrath, the mark of the beast - 666, seven bowls of God's wrath according to the Book of Revelation, etc. After this 7 year period, Jesus will return in glory to judge all, as this video shows.


Rapture will happen suddenly & unexpected! Don’t stop warning!

My "Rapture Dream" I Asked God For!

LIVING TRUTH Rapture Dreams

Truth About the Brutality of the Crucifixion of Christ

RESURRECTION - The most beautiful scene from the “Passion of the Christ”
RESURRECTION - The most beautiful scene from the “Passion of the Christ”

Who is Jesus Christ Returning for?

NORDENS KALLELSESTUND Claes-Göran Bergstrand "Nu struntar jag i det här!"

God's call to me on what to preach:
Emphasize grace.

and at the same time, towards me:
Do not take lightly on my holiness. Think about who I am.

A Rapture dream for skeptics

Rapture Dream - JESUS IS COMING

Rapture Dream I Had Last Night...

Dream About Revelation - Rapture/ Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Dream About Apostasy Within The Church: Dream From God


"Came back from Hell with a Burn"

I saw Jesus. An unpleasant experience.

THE EVERYDAY - Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour Monastery

Hidden: A Life All for God

St. Dominic's Monastery Promotional Video - rough cut

Why Do Young Women Choose To Become Nuns?

Change of Habit

Beloved: The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (2009) - Official Trailer

The Hidden Life

Light of Love

Entering the Convent at Age 23

Trappist (1997)

THE EVERYDAY - Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour Monastery

Living with the Amish 1 of 6
(A warning here to the Amish: Don't adapt your lifestyle to the modern world with smartphones, digital entertainment etc.)

What Do Quakers Believe About God?

Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children

The 1988 Original Testimony of Ian McCormack

RIan McCormack live - The Perfect Wave Story - A Glimpse of Eternity

Awesome Benefits of WAITING on God - Pastor Dale Black

The Rapture "The Blessed Hope" by Chuck Missler

Sinner Saved By Grace (Live At Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, SC/2018)

Visit To Heaven - Glimpse Into the 1st Dimension: A Pilot's True Story Dale Black (start from 18:00)

VISIT TO HEAVEN - The After-Effects (part 2) A Pilot's True Story

Lessons Learned About Your Spirit, Soul and Body - Capt. Dale Black

Learn HOW TO PRAY for SOMEONE YOU LOVE - Capt. Dale Black



Awesome Benefits of WAITING on God - Pastor Dale Black


IMAGINE HEAVEN - Capt. Dale Black Tries to Describe Heaven.

Marriage Supper of the Lamb Rev. Jerrold H. Lewis

The Bema Judgment Seat & The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb - Part 1 Vincent Sawyer

The Bema Judgment Seat & The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb - Part 2 Vincent Sawyer

ETERNITY - The External State Of The Saved & Of The Unsaved Vincent Sawyer

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The rapture gate is being shut! Seek God's face, pray and repent of your sins!
Faith and repentance, forgiveness of sins and grace. I'm a forgiven sinner.
Bible codes, prophecies about Jesus Christ as the Messiah in Genesis. The gospel hidden in the names of the 12 tribes of the 144,000.. and more.
Easter - God's new covenant, our sins forgiven. Jesus Christ - God's Holy Passover lamb.
Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah of Israel and the whole world.
How to get saved.
Becoming a Christian.
Israel - the Holy Land of God. Jerusalem -the holy city of the Lord of hosts, city of Jesus Christ.
The Ark of the covenant has been found!
Warnings for the church in the last days
Foundations of Christian belief and fundamental truths, historical timeline.
The ten commandments.
The forbidden fruit, original sin.
For those who seek God there is hope. God is real. Names and titles of God.
Heavenly revelations about paradise, God the father and Jesus Christ. Give your life to God.
Christian music, worship songs, gospel, reggae, bluegrass, hymns
The New Jerusalem in heaven, God's Holy City will be huge. Christ's bride washed clean. Visions of paradise.
Creation - Pictures of beautiful animals and some landscapes
The human body is a result of intelligent design
Major flaws in the theory of evolution
Almighty God, creator, our father, Abraham, and Moses' God. Arguments and links to Christian creationism and values.
Links to Christian belief, Jesus and churches.
End time warning - first rapture, then God's wrath and judgements. Bride of Christ prepare yourself!
"Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me"
The rapture of the church.
Rapture dreams, prophetic dreams, warnings
God's warning to the silent watchman. Warnings to the disobedient. What determines whether you are saved or not?
Warnings to the five foolish virgins
And before him shall be gathered all nations...
"I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was a stranger."
what is the mark of the beast?
God's judgement for those who not seek him. Chosen sermons and Bible scriptures.
Persecution of Christians
Names of God and Jesus in the Bible. Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Pictures of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, The Messiah - our salvation. He took the ultimate punishment for our sins. He also resurrected from death. Through him you can have eternal life.
Christmas gospel, the historical story of Jesus Christ's birth, the Bethlehem star, the angels, the wise men, Herod
The crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He gave his life. He gave all he had. Bible scriptures about sanctification and salvation
Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He, the Son of God defeated death. He died and arose on the third day. He is Lord over the Sabbath.
Jesus Christ is our high priest. Selected Bible scriptures mostly from Hebrews. Selected sermons and testimonies.
More Bible scriptures from Hebrews. The former commandment has been annulled.
Selected sermons and testimonies.
The place for Red sea crossing and Noah's Ark found. The ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah found.
Abortion stops a beating heart.
Respect life and take a stand against abortion.
Overcoming sexual sin
Porneia, homosexuality, sexual sin
Owned by porn addiction. Get rid of the porn addiction and rebuild life.
To deceive yourself as Christian and depart from the faith and live in sin
Fake news, false prophets, false teaching and paid actors on Youtube
The great apostasy in the last days
Teaching about hell in the Bible
Teaching about heaven in the Bible
Bible Verses about God, the Eternal. Bible Verses about grace, God's salvation plan, time and eternity
Bible verses about honoring God. He is the best thing there is, God worthy to be praised.
The Bible recorded as audio file online. Listen to the word of God on the Web. The Bible as text online.
Healing, miracles, Kathryn Kuhlman and more. God heals sick.
Lists of fulfilled prophecies and performed miracles in the Bible
Movies with Christian message, The Passion of the Christ, The Bible : The Mini Series, The Ten Commandments, Book of Acts, and more.
Genesis selected parts
Exodus selected parts
Leviticus selected parts
Numbers selected parts
Deuteronomy selected parts
Samuel selected parts + Acts. David anointed as king of Israel.
1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. King David and Goliath. David's worship songs to the living God of Israel.
Selected Bible verses about Elijah and Elisha. 1 Kings, 2 Kings.
Book of Daniel selected scriptures
King David, forefather of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus Christ who is the Messiah and eternal King of Israel.
Matthew selected scriptures
Jesus's blood of the New testament. The last supper.
Mark selected Bible scriptures
Jesus's blood of the New testament. The last supper.
Luke selected Bible scriptures
John selected Bible scriptures
Acts selected Bible scriptures.
Romans selected Bible scriptures.
First Corinthians selected Bible scriptures
Second Corinthians selected Bible scriptures
Galatians and Ephesians selected Bible scriptures
Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy Selected Bible scriptures
Praying to the Lord under the open sky
Winter is a great time for praying outdoors
Inspiration and motivation in prayer and worship.
Seeking God through fasting and prayer
Healthy dieting, eating low carb
Pharisaism and religious pride
The Bible and homosexuality. Jesus can change a homosexual life, videos with testimonies.
After 20 years as gay I don't live a homosexual life anymore.
The conflict of being homosexual and Christian. My experience, my poems.
My spiritual experiences, my meeting with Jesus Christ - beyond anything you can imagine, absolute divine power, my life and dreams
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