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Human rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom, freedom of thought

Big international corporations trample on human rights.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Uppdated September 28 2015

Human rights
The most dedicated human rights activist I know about is Jesus Christ. I admire and worship him. He stands for compassion, righteousness, love and warmth. He spent time with outcasts, helped the poor and sick. He challenged authorities. He is my hero, my savior and I want to follow him.
I believe he is the son of God, that he rose from the dead and that He lives today. He is the Messiah who came to set an example for us.

Sin is considered as a human right today
Very much that we consider human rights today is not OK with God. If you think about it, as a christian it's not a human right to sin. Even if the rest of the world does it, we should not follow.

Globalization and reckless plundering George Bush & co
The world today is so full of evil, lies, conspiracy and corruption. Big corporations rules the world. Human rights are disrespected.
Even if they are doing some good works, it feels like if the big human rights organisations are controlled by the global shadow government somehow. The United Nations organisation is definitely controlled by the evil ruling elite.
I think it's important to talk about what it is that causes so much evil, suffering, torture, war in the world. If you take China and its systematic torture and executions of civilians, I think its clear that it is the global corporations who are behind it. They place their factories and production in China because wages are extremely low. Millions of people live as slaves in China in factories. If they try to organise themselves to get better wages, they get killed immediately and these brave people who dares to protest against the factory owners are falsely exposed as criminals and killed.
The Chinese government takes care of this. The government in China and big American (leading international) brands are on the same team. The companies bribe the governmental officials to be loyal to them.
The corporations get huge profits because of the low wages.
All talk about Chinese market vs the U.S. market and which one who is the strongest is bullshit. It's the same market. It's the Rothschild global corporation and associates behind it all.
I stand for religious freedom. I don't support the RFID microchips system. I consider its oppressive and evil. But hey, if you want RFID inside your hand, go ahead and take it. I won't stop you. No brain - no pain.

Yes to a clean environment. Think long term and say no to uranium mining

New uranium mine about to start outside Ostersund, my hometown.

Uranium can be used to make nuclear weapons, the most harmful thing that is
One should not forget that nuclear power is dangerous and its waste. A Swedish reactor produces annually over 200 kg of plutonium. That's enough for 40 atomic bombs.

Media hides the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons
(From Stakeholders in the nuclear industry, SKB, Vattenfall and others have been very successful in recent decades managed to hide the strong link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons

photos of atomic bomb victims .. Well the uranium is not supposed to be used to make nuclear weapons, only to produce electricity. .. How do we know? The governmental authorities of Berg or Östersund will hardly be able to take part in deciding something like that. What would they say? -Yes okay then you may start uranium mining here but promise that it will not be used to make weapons?
This is so sick. Why does media not help us and warn us about the war industry and how these gentlemen think, who they are?
Who are the companies that manufactures nuclear bombs? I don´t know a single one, nor who the owners are.

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