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Beautiful places for excursions in Jämtland: Vålådalen, Ottsjö, Kolåsen, Kall, Mörsil, Åkersjön, Klövjö, Mörtsjön

Have you thought of that most of political parties have either a flower or a green leaf as their symbol? Most often, we're just passing by the beautiful things. Nature is wonderfully beautiful. God has created all the beauty we see around us. Take a trip with a friend. And don't forget to thank and praise God for the wonderful world he has created.

Text: Carl Grinde Datum: 27 Augusti 2013
Uppdaterad December 21 2014

Vålådalen a mountain paradise in Jämtland south of Åre
Here you can hike in the mountains, go fishing, cross country skiing, camping and enjoy the beautiful views.

Kallbygden -a beautiful village in northern Jämtland

Kolåsen, a small village about North of Kallbyggden

A very beautiful place just before the mountains begin. Here's a hotel that is designed in 70's style! Old orginell style of the decor and retro in plenty. Big beautiful view of the mountains in the hotel rooms. A guaranteed stress-free zone for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. They also have a Wood-fired out door hot tub plus small cottages also available for rent. Thoroughly recommended.

Ottsjö a beautiful small mountain village near Vålådalen

Here you can try your hand at horse riding, fishing, cross country skiing, mountain hiking. Ottsjo mountain hotel offers grand views, they have a sauna and even a chapel with windows facing the mountains.
There is also a grocery store that rents out rooms. The mountain is just a short walk away. Down by the lake a short distance away by car is the "gold coast" which is a long fine sand beach with old pine trees next to it.

Kretsloppshuset in Mörsil just before you reach Järpen and Åre

This is an oasis, a café with outdoor/indoor dining, beautiful garden, conservatory summer all year round. Take the chance to have lunch or coffee in a lush greenhouse.

Åkersjön, yet another gem in Jämtland to discover

Åkersjön located in northern Jämtland towards Föllinge. Best known as a snow scooter paradise in winter but also a pretty popular destination in the summer. A sandy beach is supposed to be along the lake's northwestern edge a good bit west of the camp seen. Boat is recommended if you want to get there. Otherwise you can always bring some nice company and camp on any hill with beautiful views of Åkersjöns blue water.

Klövsjö Sweden's most beautiful village

In southern Jämtland Klövsjö is considered by many to be Sweden's most beautiful village. Not difficult to agree on where it is located in a lush valley which is reflected in the bright blue water of the lake. There are many timbered houses in the classical style, old fashioned wooden fences, a wharf with a pier and boats, an old public village house with old buildings etc. The village has its own beer brewery, which operates a restaurant with magnificent views high up in the village. In Klövsjö is also a dairy with goats. The dairy produces goat cheese that many restaurants are buying. They even have their own store with nice dining. The goal of this trip was partly entire village because it is so beautiful but also the café located at the bottom of the village. They bake bread themselves, making chocolates and pastries. They also have wood oven pizza oven and runs pizza evenings once a month. Otherwise, they have good focaccias. There is a food store and a tourist info center, very fine golf courses within some kilometer. Down hill Skiing in the winter and not least Klövsjö mountain hotel.

Mörtsjön near Stugun, a beautiful bathing spot with sandy beach and shallow waters

In eastern Jämtland near Stugun is Mörtsjön. It is a beautiful lake with cottages and two permanent residents around it. For those who like the beach, swim and laying on the beach in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, this is perfect. It's a cut lawn on the slope above the sandy beach. A changing cabin is there, jetty and a small cottage with second hand shop and cafe in the summer. Go there and take a picnic basket and float mattress! The water is quite warm.,_Stugun

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