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Toplist Hip Hop R'n'B

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Updated October 2, 2015 -my search tool for music

Toplist -the best of Hip Hop and R'n'B
The list of music is further down the page. Since I want to live close to Jesus and leave my sinful lifestyle behind I have deleted the majority of the hiphop and RnB tracks I had listed here before. The music in itself is good but the attributes associated with hiphop and RnB is mostly promoting a sinful lifestyle. The style for men within hiphop/rnb is to look like a drug dealer, gangster, pimp or to actually be one. For women it's to be a prostitute, stripper.
It's not compatible with a christian life to glorify and live by such ideals. If you watch and consume such music videos the sinful nature becomes a part of you and your faith slowly fades away and you become luke warm. There can only be one explanation why the big record labels so consistently are promoting the mafia ideal -the big media corporations is the mafia narcotic industry. They are all money launderers for criminal syndicates. It's official that the Bronfman mafia family owns the Vivendi media group who owns Universal records.
One smaller record company who's criminal ties has been exposed was Murder Inc, (Murder Inc/Island Def Jam Music Group). But the big giants are protecting them of course. Everything is jointly owned.

( "Murder Inc. Records founders Irv and Chris Lorenzo "Gotti" were acquitted of all counts in their money laundering trial today (Dec. 2)."

( "Multimillion-selling hip-hop label Murder Inc. wrote checks to a convicted drug kingpin's company in exchange for dirty cash, prosecutors say in a new complaint."

"In this case, the government had it 100 percent wrong." (how typical)
Read more about the criminal mafia USA government here and here innocent "of course" "Oh I would never sell drugs just look at me."
Roman Holiday" at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles Nicki Minaj possessed

The criminal gangster Snoop Dogg occurs frequently in Hollywood films.

HSBC faces court threat as deal on money laundering

The Bronfman mafia family owns Vivendi who owns Universal records, who owns Defjam hiphop label. They own the government, import narcotics and promote it to the youths.

Illuminati satanic hiphop
illuminati hip hop
Church exposing the evil of hiphop

The hiphop RnB list starts here

Sweet Tee It's like that y'all

MC Solaar Nouveau Western

DJ Danger Mouse Bush Boys

Insight (ft. 17 mcs but really just one) Only One

Talib Kweli Get By

Digable Planets Pacifics (Sdtrk "N.Y. Is Red Hot")

Margie Joseph Latter Rain

Stetsasonic 4 Ever My Beat

Public enemy Harder than you think

Blackalicious Deception

Blackalicious If I may

Blackalicious The Craft

Mos Def Next Universe

Soul II Soul Back to life (Acapella)

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