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Stockholm "truck attack" April 7 2017 is a black operation, psy-op and fake media event.

The so called "truck attack" in Stockholm on April 7 2017 shows all signs of a media psy-op, black operation false flag operation and fake media event. It's not the only one of it's kind. The global police state is near. People will accept the microchip implant now - the mark of the beast.
They are already taking it.
The automated society, the beast system with self driving cars, robots and artificial intelligence is the big goal with this event.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: April 28 2017
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Updated 3 April 2019

The truck attack in Stockholm is fake, it's a psy-op
To understand how the world is governed, we have to go back to September 11, 2001. Here are two organizations with thousands of members who all question the official truth behind the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. They say that September 11 is a deception.
Movie actors, media celebrities, military personnel, architects, engineers, etc. support this position. The world's media block their voice. All media are corrupt, co-owned by a small click of people.

The world's evil according to the Bible
"We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one."
1 John 5:19

"the whole world lies in the power of the evil one."

Agenda behind the event: self driving trucks, Artificial Intelligence
This is their agenda behind the event: self driving trucks self driving trucks self driving cars
autonomous truck Budweiser beer delivery
Boston dynamics dogs Artificial Intelligence
The system controls everything in The Beast System - a near future where you can't even think for yourself. The system thinks for you.

False flag truck attack/ media psy-op hits Sweden
On April 7, 2017 a stolen beer truck was allegedly driven at high speed along Sweden's largest shopping street Drottninggatan in Stockholm and finally crashed into the department store Åhléns. The truck is said to have driven in full speed directly through the masses and slaughtered, injured and killed several people. This is thus Sweden's largest shopping street. This is said to have happened during a friday at 14.53 in the afternoon, approximately the most busy time of day for this shopping street Drottninggatan. The strange thing about the attack was that only 5 people died. Think about how many people go around listening to music and wearing headphones, talking on the phone with headphones etc, and thus not hearing all that's happening around them. In such an attack, probably the number of dead and injured should have been at least the triple.
Aftonbladet TV images by Niclas Carling ( (this is false news and not real. Oh yes, a real truck was used in this psy-op and drove up to (but not into) Åhléns department store. No one got killed by that truck.

This event really lack live video material. It's a very crowded street, packed with people. Were are all the other videos that all other people filmed with their cellphones? They can't really be found.
Aftonbladet TV "We who where there" - only one guy speaks...

The truck attack is fake, it's a psy-op
The truck attack is fake. It's not real. It's a media event, psy-op and propaganda for a police state.

The truck "killed people" .. and despite this:
No moving live images on people who cry or are shaken and bloody or injured.
Come on, this is in the middle of Sthlm City where everyone has smartphones, people would have filmed this if it had happened.

But it looks like this.

But sure there was real blood on the street, a dog died.

Ole Dammegård - “Terror” – are you kidding me?

Inconsistent whitehead source of the BBC
Listen at 16:45 the reporter asks Annevi Petersson if she immediately realized that it was a terrorist attack she witnessed. First, she says "No, I was in London two weeks ago, I live in London, yes, of course I did." Then she changes herself without explanation and says no.

In addition, she says at 15:37 that "there was blood everywhere, there were bodies on the ground everywhere" is that true? No. These videos and photos below show Drottninggatan immediately after the truck attack. A rather empty street, given that a truck just drove in full speed there straight through the crowd and hitting people.
Pedestrians Seek Shelter After Truck Crashes Through Stockholm Crowd (
Smoke, Debris Seen Following Stockholm Truck Attack (
There where "Blood and body everywhere" not.

A big pot with flower soil rolled over and the soil spread across the street, creating a sense of chaos in the image.

Fake news is what you watch on TV
Crisis actors before a photo shot. They run a terrorist exercise one or two days before. A lot of police, ambulances, fire trucks are there. Everything is filmed. Broadcasted the day after on television as real terrorist events.
This is called consensus-trance

Computer-animated truck - in the absence of real live video
"The truck drives more than 500 meters at high speed straight through the crowd"

TV 4: "An inferno of debris, injured and shocked people"
This is not true, the video does not show any injured people in the image at all.

It's a little strange that almost no person from Stockholm was killed in this event. Only one person as I understand. The other victims are from other cities or from abroad. Where were all other Stockholmers that day?
I have not seen one single tear in any photo or video about the "truck attack". The perpetrator who has acknowledged the crime, they have probably paid him and he is probably microchipped with nano implants. They can control his thoughts and behaviors.
It is called mindcontrol.

Wave of false flag events throughout Europe
Similar terror attacks has happened throughout Europe the latest months where most of these events all shows the signs of media psyops, black operations, false flag events and constructed media fabricated fake news. The events in Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem, and London Westminister Abbey, Paris are not credible, but constructed news. It's all part of the global agenda to enslave and unite all people under the evil "Beast system - 666", the microchip implant system, and also to continue the wars in the Middle East. The ruling elite, the illuminati wants to put microchip in all humans and rule everyting. Video cameras in everybody's private homes with 24 hour surveillance will probably also become reality. This will probably not be enough for them. They also want our worship. They want us to bow down and pray to them.

The department store does not burn, smoke from truck's cargo space - smoke bomb drama
It is clear that the department store Åhléns does not burn, the smoke comes out of the truck's cargo space - smoke bomb drama.
Moreover, if this would have been a real actual event there would be hundreds of people standing in the streets, crowds with interrested people. There would be many many videos on youtube that people would have filmed with their smartphones. This material that you could expect from such an extraordinary event is just not there. What we se in videos about the "attack" are often still images, mixed with some live videos. It's all edited, put together, music, sound effects in background etc.

Two versions of terror truck:
one with a trailer, one without. Open your eyes.

A deceptive video about "truck attack" by Aftonbladet
Martin Svenningsen tells the official deceptive story. Watch at 02:15 look at the truck, you can clearly see that it's two vehicles, one first, a yellow car and then another vehicle that looks like a trailer/ wagon.
This does not coincide with the official version where there was only a truck without trailer.
The man screeaming you here is the same sound clip used over and over again. Dark scary music in the background. This is deceptive news. It's not real.

Terror drills in Stockholm day before "the attack"
Same concept as in London Westminister Abbey events this year.

Terror drills in Stockholm by the Swedish police day before "real attack"
"The police in Stockholm practiced terrorist attacks two days before the attack. The exercises had both theoretical and "trying" elements."
That's how they do to get useful video material. Everything you watched on television about the attack, at least the majority of it, is probably filmed the day before, at the exercise.

BOOM! Terror drills for exact same scenario practiced day before Swedish truck attack

Terror exercise against department store Åhléns one day prior to "real event"

First responders and care givers practiced terror attack against Åhléns day before event
Nurse Agneta Carlswärd Kjellin: The day before, she practiced on a fictional scenario where a bomb was placed on Åhléns department store. "When I heard what had happened, I could hardly believe it was true. It was just like what we had practiced for, she says.

First responder about the terror scene and good cooperation: "that moment gets incredible good"
So the fire men did not have their fire trucks with them but they went to the area to become care givers instead.
The woman in the middle, the nurse has the face any person would have knowing they are not being honest. She looks really troubled, she is not honest and she knows it really well.
Her task was not to do what she is really trained to: to go in and save lives, but instead she had to organize her colleagues.
It's also stated that the first responders, the medical care givers had trained for this scenario they days before "real event."
Apparently there was a conference for Emergency nurses surgery nurses just nearby who came out and assisted. Malou: "Can we update a little bit about the situation for those who are injured?" He gives no answer to the question but just speaks about something completely different, fills out the time.

Was Stockholm terror a black operation?

Terror attack in Stockholm – false flag or not?

Iryna, a paid crisis actor with already amputated leg
Money is no problem for the Illuminati. It's not hard to buy people.

Crisis actors with amputated legs
crisis actors amputees

"Dad" to dead Ebba smiles in TV
Check at 3:26 to 3:30 he smiles, not a tear. Trustworthy? Hardly. He is a paid actor. The interview is also made on all heart's day.

Malou's sofa - welcome to the normal world
Malous TV program normalizes what's sick. Check this out: "We want to live a regular Svensson life".

The Foundation Svenska Hjärtan (Swedish Hearts)
Ok, pretty good name there since there's an old Swedish TV series with the same name.
The Foundation Svenska Hjärtan (Swedish Hearts)
Though I propose a new name for the foundation given that Åhlens was also hit, they may also need some money: The Department store Foundation (Stiftelsen Varuhuset)

The "terror attack" in Stockholm Sweden April 7 2017, wake up!

Stockholm Truck Attack Hoax - Chaos

Terrorattack med lastbil i Stockholm 2017 – false flag NATO-övning eller äkta fake?

Stockholm: false flag European tour now reaches Sweden

Friday, 04/07/2017 False Flag Weekly News

April 7, 2017: U.S launches massive military
air strike against Syria

April 7, 2017: U.S launches air strike against Syria with 59 Tomahawk Missiles
Independent Canadian journalist challenges MSM, explains what actually is going on in Syria

False flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria to justify war
Exclusive: British journalist destroys MSM lies on Syria
Syria gas attack all the hallmarks of a False Flag
War on Syria: Manufactured revolution and fake media narrative

Washington's Long War on Syria by Stephen Gowans
Washington's Long War on Syria by Stephen Gowans

A Propaganda System: How Canada’s government, corporations, media and academia sell war and exploitation by Yves Engler
Book, A Propaganda System: (
A Propaganda System: Yves Engler Book Launch in Hamilton

False Flags For Dummies - How to create a false flag in 10 easy steps

4/7/17 Stockholm False Flag Truck Attack as Predicted, NWO Police State Agenda

Fake witness - crisis actor
There is one thing that, in a normal world, would be present in such a terror event and tragedy: tears. I have not seen one single tear drop in any photo or video about this "terror attack".
fake witness crisis actor fake witness - cisis actor fake witness - crisis actor fake witness - crisis actor fake witness - cisis actor


This "witness" does not look credible
Since she is such a bad actor they edit in other video material just to cover her face.

Annevi Petersson fake witness
Watch at 0:24 "There where blood everywhere, there where bodies on the ground everywhere" the pictures shows just a normal street.

Stockholm truck attack, exploded impact - man got out of the truck and escaped. Eh..?
Stockholm truck attack, totally demolished and burnt front of truck, explosion and man got out of the truck and escaped.

Exploded truck, man got out and escaped. Huh?

'bomb' found on Stockholm attack truck

"Witness" interview typical after construction
Veronica Durango "I have those image flashes when those women are hit" This video seems to be distorted intentionally. Immediately when she starts to speak the video quality is blurred. When she stops talking the video quality gets better.. Veronica Durango does not succed to convince me that she is speaking the truth. And the blurred video editing is deliberately covering her bad lies.
Everything gets so blurred that you can't see her face clearly. It's the common style of most material about this "attack". Pixel blurred images.

Veronica Durango - CNN's choice

Veronica Durango in phone interview for CNN.
I wonder exactly how this happend. Veronica saw the women got killed by the truck and she thought... hm.. perhaps I should call CNN in USA? Or perhaps CNN randomly called people in Stockholm area because they heard about the attack and just wanted to get in touch with some witness? And by a coincidence they called Veronica.

Veronica Durango for cbs news

Veronica Durango for Fox news and CNN

Stockholm Truck Attack - Where There's Smoke There's BS

Stockholm Sweden False Flag Truck Attack

Some things that make me go hhmmmm. Stockholm.

Burning beer - heavy smoke! Normal, Yeah!
We all know that burning beer creates smoke.. eh..?
Smoke coming out of the cargo space from the truck.
Smoke-bomb planted in the back of the truck.
The building is not burning.
Open your eyes.

All beer in the truck started to burn and created all this smoke.. Really..?
So this is what it looks like when a truck full of beer catches fire. Heavy smoke... hm?
Watch after 1:15 the video also clearly shows two vehicles, one truck (yellow) followed by a trailer, wagon. Then smoke coming out of the cargo space from the truck. It's a smoke bomb. The house is not on fire. Think before you pray. Pray for truth.

Terror attack - love manifestation - consensus trance

Now it's time for the Eurovision music festival. Did you know that Swedes always want chips when they watch Eurovision? This time there will really be chips, RFID microchip implants that will replace both cash and plastic cards. A sick and totalitarian system. People will become slaves. RFID stands for radio frequency identity device. Probably the micrchip will be introduced on television in conjunction with the festival. It's really a fascist and malicious system.

RFID microchip implants, this is the mark of the beast rfid sweden
rfid implantat
rfid chip commercial

2000 year old biblical prophecy of the mark of the beast
"And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.
This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666."
Book of Revelation 13:16-18

"tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb"

"And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
He shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
And the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, they who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receives the mark of his name."
Revelation 14:9-11

terror attack hoax crisis actor
terror attack hoax crisis actor

53 admitted false flag attacks

War on terror - war for oil, war on muslims, war on women and children
The war on terror is evil and unjust. It's a war for oil, it's a war on everyone. It's the fourth beast spoken of in the Book of Daniel in the Bible.
( "US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II"
"U.S. military forces were directly responsible for about 10 to 15 million deaths during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the two Iraq Wars."
images of dead children NATO air strike Afghanistan 2013
Warning for horrible pictures on the following two links.
image of smiling fascist war crime military holding dead boy in his hair
image of smiling fascist war crime military holding dead boy in his hair
Bravo Company - for the violent hate fascist.
These companies want unrest, war and conflict. They make money on it.
Call of duty black ops 3
Call of duty modern warfare remastered
America's army game
War game as recruitment for new soldiers, very sick America's army game
Truth about September 11
Truth about September 11

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Vaccine against conspiracy theories Now it´s here!
Stockholm "truck attack" April 7 2017 is a black operation, false flag psyop and media event.
Pagan springtime fire festivals. Baal's temple gateway replica raised in London and New York.
London Westminster terror attack 2017 - a fake media event.
Orlando gay club shooting media hoax/psy-op
Brussels attack media hoax psyop false flag operation.
Paris attack false flag exposed. ISIS is fake.
Islamic State ISIS, IS, ISIL and Syria war exposed
Ebola psychological warfare exposed. Ebola vaccine ZMapp cultivated in tobacco plants.
Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps Hoax and other media psy-ops.
Colonial melt down. Rise of E-merica. Real time PSY-OP of the year to destroy the American Union USA.
Electrical grid blackout to be the next false flag
Sharp shooting drill linked to Washington DC Navy Yard case
Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)
"concordia, integritas, industria" -Rothschild mottos
Boston marathon bombings -a media staged psyop and "non event". It's a lie. See the movie The Manchurian Candidate about mindcontrol.
Air taxation -breathing tax might be a result from carbon tax. Antarctic sea ice sets another record: most amount of ice ever recorded.
Xwave mind reader from Apple, human animal hybrids grown in UK labs, Supermax prisons, brain mapping project, beast image worship, Facebook Prism
New Age, new world religion, new time, new global currency, Illuminati and the beast in the Bible exposed
Newtown Sandy Hook shootings, Batman Aurora shootings, are media hoaxes, staged events, not real.
Newtown Sandy Hook massacre, an organized event and a media lie. Media changed the story several times in just a few days. All about the school massacre is a deception.
Bush's, Clinton's (Rodham), Whitehouse, C.I.A, Cocaine, Crack and U.S. governmental drug dealing, child trafficking, pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse
The world knows about
September 11, 2001
IG Farben, Bayer and the Nazi Holocaust exposed. Bayer's pesticides killes bees who are important pollinators. If they die food shortage will follow.
The racist nazi Holocaust exposed. Concentration death camps was all over Europe in the 1930's and 40's.
Many Nazi war criminals got an unjust, mild punishment. Some was set totally free. Nuremberg trials ruled by corporate interests.
The Nazi doctors was acquitted and hired by the U.S. government. Why?
Tracing the HIV/AIDS construct back to its Nazi industry origins
HIV/AIDS Pharma outed: -former owners of Auschwitz extermination camps
Breaking free from HIV -deconstructing HIV/AIDS. Reconstructing and restoring health
Antichrist identity revealed: It is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He causes the financial crisis and a global war. Prophecies in the Bible fulfilled. The last days are here.
China is the dragon in the book of revelation. Organ harvesting exposed.
Microchip implants, 666, microchip under the skin,
mark of the beast,
Mass graves in the US, street violence, social crises, the New World Order
Mind control, microchips in the brain, digital brain, illegal cognitive research
Microchip implants in the brain,
synthetic telepathy, mind control
Mindcontrol, microchip in brain,
remote neural monitoring, torture
human right abuses through experimentation
H.A.A.R.P -weather manipulation
chemtrails and tectonic weapons
BAE systems and Raytheon exposed
H.A.A.R.P -weather control
H.A.A.R.P -weather warfare. Fukushima, Haiti, earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina, Isaac, Tsunamis in Indian Ocean, Missisippi flooding -engineered by man
Chemtrails, geoengineering - aircrafts spraying nanoparticles
Chemtrails, geo engineering -patents list
Indefinite detention - bill 1867
- National Defense Authorization Act passes
Gulf "oil" spill, COREXIT 9500, BP, mass evacuations, media blackout
Poland, Greece, Iceland, Haiti
-2010 summarized
BP Gulf oil spill is a lie to create
water tax, climate change tax
Finance, enterprise search, economy, stock exchanges, great depression, leading companies
Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns -Bankruptcy by design
Fema detention camps and crematory coffins found all over America
Food shortage, HAARP weather modification, "help centers" Fema detention camps, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric, Jeff Immelt
N.M. Rothschild Group -the hidden hand behind the world economy
Swedish Nobel peace prize and the invasion of Afghanistan
Swedish Nobel prize in Economic Sciences supports Pinochet and corruption in Chile
Swedish Nobel prize to Winston Churchill. Swedish Nobel prize 2010 to Mario Vargas Llosa supporter of Sebastian Piñera, Chile´s new Pinochet
Nobel prize pretends to fight for human rights
Brown Brothers Harriman, William Averell Harriman, CFR IRS, IMF, Pilgrims Society, leading law firms
Peter Schiff -how to destroy USA
War profiters Rothschild, BRIC banking, military industry exposed
World war 3 to stimulate the world economy and destroy religion
Mark of the beast, Maitreya, 666, cashless, Anti-Christ-worldsystem
Norway -Oslo Utoya terror attack
anders behring breivik
Washington District of Columbia, the “CITY" in London and the Vatican rules the world together
Yes we can. War on terror = World government
America is still a British colony
The goal with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
- create a surveillance society
The history of Federal Reserve system
These people owns the Federal Reserve system
Aspartame, Nutrasweet and monosodium glutamate MSG makes you sick
Natural supplements and alternative medicin threatened by new laws
The HPV vaccine Gardasil against cervical cancer is toxic
Pharmaceutical companies soon to be protected from lawsuits
Medicine, the side effects:
Death, increased suicide risk, heart attack, pain
Secret societies, Skull and Bones, nazism, Freemasons, illuminati
Freemasons, satanism, illuminati in the music industry. Turn off your TV.
Project blue beam -possible future psyop of NASA. Holographic Jesus projected on the sky. Could be the start of the "new era" -the new age.
Media controlled propaganda for the new world order. Controlled opposition, Anonymous movement, Occupy mm.
Privatization of water, multinational companies committing human rights violations, cancellation of debt in exchange for land
cap and trade bill H.R.2454, carbon dioxide, melting icebergs, global taxes, the Nobel prize, Copenhagen summit
Media Monopoly exposed. War industry and the entertainment industry creates products jointly. Second Life offers a digital world to live in. Glasses with built-in video screen. Arms and weapons in space. Matrix is soon reality.
Internet shut down, internet taxation, regulated internet, internet 2.0, Verizon, Internet bugged, Echelon
Osama bin Ladens network found.
Osama bin Laden's faked death
Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and Nazism, deadly viruses, Eugenics, population reduction, Marie Stopes
Swineflu -GlaxoSmithKline provides whole Sweden with vaccine.
100 000 heart attacks linked to the company's medicines.
Reconstruction of the 1918 Spanish pandemic Virus at Center for dissease control.
Get ready for another wave of the Spanish pandemic.
Implantable virus detection systems in humans
Why people don´t react and why this can continue
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