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Peter Schiff -well connected with the globalists, the world richest bankers and gold brokers Rothschild

Peter promotes a new global currency based on a gold standard, backed with Rothschild's gold. Peter Schiff is a crown agent pretending to be middle class.
The US dollar is the strongest currency in the world. It can't crash without a conspiracy.
It's totally impossible.
Peter Schiff is a co conspirator with the Rothschild's and the ruling elite.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: Augusti 30 2011
Även återgiven text från länkade sidor
Uppdaterad 30 August 2011

Peter Schiff wants to be a member of the U.S. Senate. Before you embrace him you should take a look on the history behind him - year 1867 Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
http://schiffforsenate.com Oh what happened to your schiffforsenate page Peter?
Maybe Schiff for senate was to direct? ...It´s gotta come from the people of course :)

Oh there you go, radio. http://www.schiffradio.com
Yeah thats something for you. You are so Underground Peter. Broadcasting radio like a real alternative hard struggling guy. Oh help the students to buy tehir gold Peter. Do it!
Here is peters gold broker company Europac. Chief Global Strategist he calls himself.
Global corporations will soon destroy America and the U.S. dollar.

He predicted the economic crisis. Do you know how he could be so right? He works for the French-British-German Rothschild banking family that controls the Federal reserve and has benefited from the dollar and the U.S. debt in all years.
Now they think it´s time to destroy the value of the dollar and start from scratch with another world currency, the Amero backed by gold and silver.
The backgrounds of the Federal Reserve system, Morgan chase, the Warburgs etc all emanates from Kuhn, Loeb & Co, an investment bank founded 1867 by Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. Under Jacob Schiff’s leadership It became one of the most powerful investment houses in the United States. The N.M Rothschild group owns all banking industry today including the Federal Reserve system.

Peter Schiff pretends to fight against the corrupt system and the very richest
In reality he is well connected to the very richest and working for them, the Rothschild banking family. They will first crush the dollar and establish a new global currency backed by a goldstandard (also silver).
The comming global currency is backed by gold and silver. The Rothschild have been in control of the gold indystry for hundreds of years, controlling its price and handling the gold business from the top.

John M. Schiff, investment banker dies 82 years old. He was a philanthropist and last of the senior partners of Kuhn, Loeb & Company,

Dorothy Schiff, owner of The New York Post

Peter Schiff is being cut off. That´s a good one! Ohh the politicians and the media are so scared of this new guy from nowhere so they just cut him off..
Not exactly the truth, they are just playing us. It´s almost last in the video.

Background history
For many years the Schiffs shared ownership of a two-family house with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt, Germany. Rothschild is the worlds richest family.
The two families have been partners since then. One of Peter Schiffs investment consultants Marlon Varsace, has a backround from Oppenheimer, leading investment bank and maybe largets media owner in the world.
Rothschild is richest in the world
This is the famous Rothschild home in Frankfurt, Germany. For many years the Rothschilds shared ownership of a two-family house with the Schiffs, they are still partners. The house was marked on the Rothschild side by a red shield.

Rothschild, centre of the world's financial markets for over 200 years

Schroders investment group

Rothschild in Germany

Rothschild comes from Frankfurt and this is the state bank of India -in Frankfurt!

Rothschild banking group: Adviser to corporates, individuals and governments

To keep the whealth the banking elite has intermarried their cousins for a long time.

Jacob Schiff, founder of the investment banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., seated center right, with family at Farview, the Schiff summer home overlooking Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Jacob Schiff's wife, Therese, is to Schiff's right.His daughter, Freida Schiff Warburg and her husband Felix Warburg are standing behind Jacob. Felix took over Kuhn Loeb when Jacob died. He also owned the Manhattan Bank which was to merge with the Rockefellers' Chase Bank in 1955.

Mr. Schiff was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 1982.

There where news reports that he provided large sums to finance the Bolsheviks in their takeover of Russia. Family Wife: Therese (née Loeb) Children: Mortimer Schiff; Frieda Warburg (Mrs. Felix), née Schiff Father: Moses Schiff Mother: Clara Schiff, née Niederhofheim Granddaughter: Dorothy Schiff Grandson: John M. Schiff

Jacob Schiff became associated with E.H. Harriman in notable contests with James J. Hill and J.P. Morgan & Company for control of several Western railroads. Schiff served as a director of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, National City Bank of New York, Central Trust Company, Western Union Telegraph Company, Union Pacific Railroad, Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Company, and Wells Fargo & Company. He was elected a director of Wells Fargo in September 1914 to succeed his brother-in-law, Paul Warburg, who had resigned to accept appointment to the original Federal Reserve Board

Jacob Schiff died in New York City on September 25, 1920. He was succeeded as head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company by his son, Mortimer Leo Schiff (1877-1931).

Jacob Schiff´s descendant Andrew Newman Schiff is married to former Vice President Al Gore's daughter, Karenna. Peter Schiff is Andrew schiffs brother.

Therese Loeb Schiff
Under Schiff’s leadership, Kuhn, Loeb prospered. It became one of the most powerful investment houses in the United States

Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was an investment bank founded 1867 by Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. Under the leadership of Jacob H. Schiff, it grew to be one of the most influential investment banks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The firm later merged with Lehman Brothers.

To entrap the U.S. money system, Schiff had to get the full cooperation of the big banker elements.

Rothschild and the Schiffs, Kuhn, Loeb

Schroders - a global asset management company -history starts with Solomon

The Federal Reserve system and the Schiffs


Peter Schiffs Euro Pacific, and below a list of his team

Marlon Varsace Investment Consultant, backround from Oppenheimer, world leading investment bank and media owner
http://www.opco.com Oppenheimer

Konni Harrison Investment Consultant. She worked at Morgan Stanley. Her desire to bring more global opportunities to her clients

Dixon Downey Investment Consultant background from Merryl Lynch

The US dollar is the strongest currency in the world.
The dollar can't crash without a conspiracy. It's totally impossible.
Peter Schiff is a co conspirator with the Rothschild's, the ruling elite who now wants to create a global world currency with rfid microchip implants and enslave us all. A world currency backed on gold.

Peter Schiff gold

Peter Schiff dollar collapse

Gold based world currency with rfid microchip implants
rfid microchip implants

Andrew Schiff, Peters brother is married to Karenna Gore, Al Gore´s daughter
To have someone close married to the Vice presidents (Al Gores) daughter is an advantage for sure. It´s a little pathetic how Peter clings to some old desk in all his youtube videos, often being filmed in a basement or such, like he is almost in some kind of cheap garage.
Pretending to be some kind of average person, grassroot movement guy helping students with their economy. That picture is wrong. He is a super rich globalist, elitist about to help the very richest european bankers (rothschilds) destroy the value of the dollar, and all physical cash to replace it with a global digital currency -backed by gold and silver.

Andrew N. Schiff, (Peters brother) Managing Director, Aisling Capital, Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical Fund, Board Member

Andrew Schiff, Karenna Gore was married yesterday -New York Times

Schiff, who is most notably Al Gore's oldest daughter and a lawyer and journalist

Andrew Schiff and Karenna Gore Schiff attend the Wildlife Conservation Society's "Safari! India" at the Central Park Zoo on June 3, 2008 in New York City.

A Gore girl goes to the altar. Al Gore's daughter Karenna marries Dr. Andrew Schiff

Karenna Gore Schiff and her husband Andrew Schiff

Profile: Karenna Gore Schiff, Al Gore's daughter, and her role in her father's presidential campaign

Karenna Gore Schiff to Campaign in New Hampshire

Karenna Gore Schiff's marriage, they are now divorced

Perseus, L.L.C linked to Andrew N. Schiff

Peter Schiff and the Ludvig Von Mises institute, Austrian monetary theory and re-establishment of a gold standard

Peter Schiff speaking at Ludvig Von Mises institute

Peter Schiff speech

Rotschild strategy: divide and conquer. This is why the Rothschilds has chosen Obama as president of the U.S. to make him fail.
The national debt of the U.S. is a work of the Rothschilds since the start of the Federal Reserve, it´s not Obamas work.
Peter Shiff and other Rothschild agents will stand ready to "help" the average american with money, gold, silver and other resources when the American economy finally has crashed. This will be the final and defenitive European defeat of United States of America. Peter Schiff is a Rothschild agent.

Peter Schiff a neocon

Austrian monetary theory
http://captustidning.se/index_magazine.php?page=article&id=627 in swedish

Re-Establishment of a Gold Standard

Defending the Gold Standard Mises Daily: Monday, March 16, 2009 by Robert P. Murphy

Peter Schiff promoting gold

TG Gold-Super-Markt, has just installed a sophisticated gold vending machine at Frankfurt airport and has plans to roll out 500 of the machines in airports and railway stations in Europe, including Britain. Why would they install vending machines in the U.S. and get dollars that soon will be useless?

About gold
http://www.bordergold.com Austria gold
http://www.pickeringchatto.com/major_works/the_monetary_history_of_gold Monetary history of gold

Gold coins for fun when the cash disappears -U.S. mint

Peter Schiff: We Don't Need Any Reserve Currencies At All, Just Gold

Baron David De Mayer Rothschild notes with regret difficulty Of activating “Global Governance Agenda” at Copenhagen

NM Rothschild & Sons pulled out of trading in gold, the commodity that made their name in banking. ..Oh that was very stupid of them, now when the dollar starts to weaken and lots of people buy more gold ..well they are just hiding their businesses.


Not only do the Rothschilds control the mining of South African gold through De Beers, they also control its price. In London, all gold bullion passes through the hands of three firms who govern the price of gold from day to day. These are N. M. Rothschild & Sons, Mocatta & Goldsmid, and Samuel Montagu & Co Here. Together with the Oppenheimer family, the Rothshilds through their French subsidiary Imetal S.A. once again, under David Renà James de Rothschild, have mining interests not only in iron, platinum, copper, zinc, tin, and coal throughout the world.

About Peter Schiff

Books of Ludvig von Mises institute

The message from von Mises institute

the core text of the Austrian School and the most rigorous and extended defense of the free economy ever written. By Murphy, Robert P.

Marc Faber Report, peter Schiffs helper

The goal for the globalists is to make us hate tradition, national identity etc. This is why the Mises institute is promoting hate propaganda about Abraham Lincoln the 16:th president of the U.S.A.
But Peter Schiff works for the european bankers that will crush the dollar and bring civil war to the United States of Amerika very soon.

Here is a book Mises institute is promoting about the 16:th president of the USA entitled: Lincoln Unmasked
Lincoln Unmasked by Marilyn Ghi

The real Lincoln by DiLorenzo, Thomas J. Abraham Lincoln the man who they tried to tell us was a great liberator. Dictator and slayer of liberty is more like it.
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Vaccin emot konspirationsteorier
Nu är det här!
Stockholm "lastbils attacken" 7 April 2017 är en black operation, false flag psy-op och media event.
Hedniskt Valborgsfirande.
Baals tempelingång replika rest i London och New York.
London Westminster Abbey terrorattacken 2017 - en falsk mediahändelse.
Orlando massakern är en media lögn/psy-op
Bryssel attacken medialögn psyop false flag operation.
Paris attacken false flag exponerad. ISIS är fejk.
Islamiska Staten ISIS, IS, ISIL och kriget i Syrien
Ebola psykologisk krigsföring exponerad. Ebola vaccin ZMapp odlad i tobaks plantor.
Lögnen om Germanwings flygkraschen i Franska Alperna och andra media psy-ops
Kolonial nersmältning. Rise of E-merica. Årets PSY-OP i real tid för att förstöra den Amerikanska Unionen USA.
Nersläckning av elnätet blir nästa false flag attack
Militärövning länkad till Washington DC Navy Yard händelsen
Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)
"concordia, integritas, industria" -Rothschilds motton
Boston Maraton bombningen -en medialt iscensatt PSYOP och "icke-händelse". Det är en lögn. Se filmen The Manchurian Candidate om mindcontrol.
Luft beskattning -andnings skatt kan bli ett resultat av koldioxidskatt. Antarktis havsis sätter nytt rekord: mest mängd is som någonsin registrerats.
Xwave mind reader från Apple, mänskliga djur hybrider odlas i labb i Storbritannien , Supermax fängelser, kartläggning av hjärnan projekt, tillbedjan av vilddurets bild, Facebook Prism
Ny tidsräkning, nya världsvaluta, ny världsreligion, världsfederationen förklarad, Illuminati och vilddjuret i Biblen exponerade
Newtown Sandy Hook smassakern, Batman Aurora massakern, är medialögner, arrangerade events, inte verkliga.
Newtown Sandy Hook massakern, ett arrangerat event och en media lögn. Media ändrade storyn flera gånger på bara några dagar. Allt om skolmassakern är en lögn.
Bush's, Clinton's (Rodham), Vitahuset, C.I.A, kokain, Crack USAs regerings knarkhandel, barn trafficking, pedofili och sataniska rituella övergrepp
Världen vet sanningen om
elfte September 2001
IG Farben, Bayer och Nazi förintelsen exponerad. Bayers bekämpningsmedel dödar bin som är viktiga pollinerare. Om de dör kan det bli brist på livsmedel.
Den rasistiska, nazistiska förintelsen exponerad. Koncentrationsläger, dödsläger var över hela Europa under 1930- och 1940-talet
Många kriminella nazister fick ett orättvist, milt straff. En del släpptes helt fria. Nuremberg rättegångarna styrdes av företagens intressen.
Nazi doktorer blev frikända och anställda av USAs regering, varför?
HIV/AIDS konstruktionen spårad tillbaka till sitt ursprung i Nazist-industrin
HIV/AIDS Pharma outad: -föredetta ägare till Auschwitz förintelseläger
Att bli fri från HIV
-dekonstruera HIV/AIDS.
Skapa och återställ hälsan
Antikrist identifierad: det är
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.
Han skapar den finansiella krisen och ett globalt krig. Profetior i Bibeln uppfyllda. Den yttersta tiden är här.
Kina är draken i uppenbarelse- boken. Illegal handel med organ exponerad.
Microchip implantat, odjurets märke, microchip under skinnet, 666
Massgravar i USA, gatuvåld, samhällskriser, New World Order
Mindcontrol, injicerade chips i hjärnan, smarta mediciner med data-chips i, olaglig forskning
Microchip implantat i hjärnan, synthetisk telepati, mind control
Mindcontrol, mikrochip i hjärnan, fjärr neural övervakning, tortyr människorätts brott genom experiment
H.A.A.R.P -väder manipulation chemtrails och jordbävningar on demand BAE systems och Raytheon exponerade
H.A.A.R.P -makt över vädret
H.A.A.R.P -vädret som vapen. Fukushima, Haiti jordbävningar, Orkanerna Katrina, Isaac, tsunamis i Indiska Oceanen, Missisippis översvämning -skapade av människan
Chemtrails, geo engineering, flygplan sprayar nano partiklar
Chemtrails geo engineering -patentlista
Frihetsberövande på obestämd tid
- National Defense Authorization Act -bill S 1867 genomförd
USA "olje" utsläpp, COREXIT 9500, BP, evakueringar, media tystnad, Polen, Grekland, Island, Haiti
-2010 sammanfattat
BPs oljeutsläpp i Mexicanska golfen är en lögn för att skapa vattenskatt, klimat skatt
Finans och ekonominyheter, aktiebörser, företagssök,
stor depression, ledande företag
Lehman Brothers och Bear Stearns -Konstruerade konkurser
Fema koncentrationsläger och kremeringskistor hittade över hela Amerika
Livsmedelsbrist, HAARP vädermodifiering, "hjälp centers" Fema fångläger, Halliburton,
Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric, Jeff Immelt
N.M. Rothschild Group -den dodla handen bakom världsekonomin
Svenska Nobels fredspris och invasionen av Afghanistan
Svenska Nobelpriset i Ekonomisk vetenskap stödjer Pinochet och korruption i Chile
Svenska Nobelpriset till Winston Churchill. Svenskt Nobelpris 2010 till Mario Vargas Llosa anhängare av Sebastian Piñera, Chiles nya Pinochet
Nobelpriset låtsas att kämpa för mänskliga rättigheter
Brown Brothers Harriman, William Averell Harriman, CFR, IRS, IMF, Pilgrims Society,
ledande advokatbyråer
Peter Schiff - att förstöra USA
Krigsindustrin Rothschilds investmentbanker, BRIC fonder exponerade
Tredje världskriget för att stimulera världsekonomin och förstöra religion
Odjurets märke, Maitreya, 666, kontantlöst, Anti-Krist-världssystem
Norge -Oslo Utöya terror attack
anders behring breivik
Washington District of Columbia, the “CITY” i London och Vatikanen styr världen tillsammans
Yes we can. War on terror = World government
Amerika är fortfarande en brittisk koloni
Syftet med terroristattackerna den 11 September 2001 - skapa ett övervakningssamhälle
Federal Reserve systems historia
Dom här personerna äger Federal Reserve system
E621 glutamat, smakförstärkare aspartam skapar sjukdomar
naturläkemedel och alternativ medicin hotade av nya lagar
Gardasil - hpv vaccin mot livmoderhallscancer innehåller gift
Medicinföretag snart skyddade från att kunna bli stämda
Biverkningar av medicin:
död, ökad själmordsrisk, hjärtattack, smärtor
Hemliga sällskap, Skull and Bones, nazism, Frimurare, illuminati
Frimurare, satanism, illuminati i musikindustrin. Stäng av din TV.
Project blue beam -eventuell kommande psyop av Nasa. Holografisk Jesus projicerad på himlen. Kan bli starten för den "nya tidsåldern" -the new age.
Mediastyrd propaganda för den nya världsordningen. Kontrollerad opposition, anonymous rörelsen, Occupy mm.
Privatisering av vatten, multinationella företag begår brott mot mänskliga rättigheter, skuldavskrivning i utbyte mot land
cap and trade bill H.R.2454,
koldioxid, smältande isberg, globala skatter, Nobel pris, Köpenhamnsmötet
Mediamonopolet exponerat. Krigsindustrin och underhållningsindustrin skapar produkter gemensamt. Secondlife erbjuder en digital värld att leva i. Glasögon med inbyggd videoskärm. Vapentillverkare och vapen i rymden. Matrix snart verklighet.
Internet nerstängt, beskattning av internet, reglerat internet, internet 2.0, Verizon, internet avlyssnat, Echelon
Osama bin Ladens nätverk upptäckt
Osama bin Ladens fejkade död
Svininfluensan -GlaxoSmithKline levererar vaccin till hela Sverige. Upptill 100 000 hjärtattacker kopplas till företagets mediciner
Vaccin 2011, ta inte vaccinet mot svininfluensan/fågelinfluensan
Spanska sjukans virus från 1918 har återskapats på Center För Sjukdomskontroll (CDC).
Förbered dig på en ny våg av spanska sjukan
Chip under huden känner igen och varnar för virus och smittor
Varför folk inte reagerar och varför det här kan fortsätta
Om mig, kontakt